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Livestream Your Business:: Dave Englund

video Dec 04, 2020

Dave Englund
Englund Studio

Click the image for the full interview.  

First off, this week, my digital marketing tip of the week is to use your "freebie" (lead generator) as your new business card. With most of us doing our networking online these days, a list-growth strategy makes all the sense. 

Instead of just plopping your website address into the Zoom chat, offer a piece of yummy content, or other resources that the Zoom participants can sign up to receive. You'll bring them closer to you - offer more resources with generosity and consistency - and they'll be able to either hire you or refer you.
List Growth Strategy -#1 


Then - Listen in to the conversation with Dave Englund of Englund Studio and Wine with Dave


He offers his 3 techniques to get great engagement:

1)  Join Facebook groups that relate to your guest, then share the live feed to those groups, a trick is to have a few minutes of a countdown timer before you come on screen, gives time to share.

2)  Ask for likes and comments (where do you live) this tells Facebook bots that your post has authority. and stays in everyone’s feed for many more days. Something Dave says on his Wine with Dave show “Giving me a “like” is like dropping a dollar in my hat but clicking on “share” is like giving me $20”

3)  Create a Facebook Event promoting the LIVE event and invite everyone, promise something.

ALSO:  These tips for your livestream!

-  make sure you have a strong wifi signal

-  look at the lens (don’t look at your image on screen)

-  promise something within the first 10 seconds of going LIVE, reveal the promise at the end of the Livestream.

-  Facebook changed its algorithm in early 2019 to have your posts be seen more by family/friends

This year they are putting live streams as top visible content on the platform

cheap: Facebook interview.

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