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What Vision Makers Know :: Jennifer Zwiebel

video Feb 25, 2022

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You’re an idea generator.
You’re a transformation creator.
You’re a vision maker.
Your work changes lives.

How, then, will you show up for those who truly need the service, the change, you can guide them towards.

A better question might be - how can you show up - with consistency - in such a way that you don’t drain your own energy?

Marketing is what you DO to show up. It’s all the things - branding, messaging, website, social media, networking, email marketing. So. Many. Things!

This week, Jennifer and I explore how those of us who identify as transformation creators can find joy and ease in the ‘things’ that we do to move our business forward.


Find the marketing activity in your business that brings you joy. (I’m not kidding - there’s something you love to do - it can be that simple) For me, it’s my weekly interview series (this one that you’re learning about today) because my joy is in shining the spotlight on the amazing people I get to meet in this journey and in sharing new tips and strategies with the Rise Above Noise community. It’s a win-win-win. The content I create in this 1/2 hour commitment can then be used for over a dozen pieces of additional content: LinkedIn, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Pinterest, Email, Blogs…..

VisionMakers are powerful creators who carry the unique combination of being both dreamers and doers. They have huge ideas and, while they can get overwhelmed and stuck like everybody else, they have the ability to move through the resistance and bring their visions to life. We look at some of the things they do that make that possible:
-They're willing to say what they really want (and this often requires some help...)
-They're willing to let go of what everyone's been telling them to do and trust flow (even when it sounds crazy)
-They're willing to look at the truth

When you find the joy in sharing
 - you to get to be generous with a community that you're building with people who need what you have and may hear it one way or another, and you find that you've given a gift to the world. The people who are already searching for the solution you provide will find you easily.

Joy and Ease.
What can be better than that?

Jennifer’s 10-Minute Miracle tool: A quick and dirty little tool that you can start using immediately to get you moving in, whatever your big or little vision is.

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Jennifer Zwiebel , A Place of Joy
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