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Ditch Imposter Syndrome :: Hala Chibani

Uncategorized Mar 04, 2022

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If you've ever felt 'ick' about 'getting out there' on social media . . .  if you've ever struggled about how to show up, what to say - This is the episode for you.

Hala Chibani, of Next Level Entrepreneurs, wants you to know that when you become clear on who you are as a person - how you intend to make a difference with the people you serve - then, you will never, ever, worry again about increasing your visibility. 

Your business will grow - while you enjoy the flow and ease of being in alignment. 

Hala tells us, "Entrepreneurs are bravely taking action that is led by their biggest dreams. You show up differently when that happens. So you move from fear into becoming the visionary leaders of your life and your business. Once we anchor that vision, it just becomes very easy to things that we do."

In this episode, we have an energetic talk around finding Ease, Flow, and Joy.

Think about it....

  • Are your values, mission, and business goals aligned with who you are as a person?
  • What energy are you bringing?
  • Are you really like talking with your audience? Having a discussion or are you talking TO them?

All those things matter. So it's not just doing the things it's also being the person that you want it as well when you were in that situation.




In order to HAVE what do we want to have, we need to DO the things, take courageous action, but we also need to BE elevated, embody our identity that is anchored in our purpose.

We need to believe what we're doing before others believe it.

And - of course, we'll need to have the systems set up to help us get our message out there.

The Rise Above Noise System is designed to protect your time and energy while you take the step-by-step actions to show up for the people who will be transformed by your services. 

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Hala Chibani, Next Level Entrepreneurs

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