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Your LinkedIn Profile - Get Noticed :: Kristen Tagliamonte

video Dec 10, 2020

Today's session is ALL about LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is all about making connections, from individuals you know personally to individuals you wish you knew. It's the clear leader among social media for connecting with prospects, collaborators, and potential hires.

First off today, I offer some suggestions on organizing contacts to identify your 'Dedicated Brand Evangelists" (YOU are the brand), "Amplifiers",  and your "Bring 'em Closer candidates' 

Using a version of an exercise from one of my favorite books, "The Referral of a Lifetime", I geek out a bit about lists and sorting....but it's all in service of gaining clarity on who the 100 people are in your life that will bring you your next packets of business. 

Then....You will learn so much from my friend, Kristen Tagliamonte of Empowered results with KAT when she shares her top tips for getting found on LinkedIn by optimizing your profile. 

My top takeaways:

  • Use that title (headline) to be specific about what you do. (don't waste precious characters on "owner' or 'president'.)
  • Use the ABOUT section for your keywords. You have 2600 characters to share.
  • More connections mean more visibility.  Full stop!
  • Encourage folks to check off your "Skills and Endorsements" AND ask for referrals.  
  • Make a commitment to posting with consistency (my 'creating content using FAQs' resource is linked at the bottom of this post)
  • Engage with other people's posts.... comment on them. Ask a curiosity question.

Kristen offers a free LinkedIn profile consult when you attend one of her upcoming workshops.  Find more:


Wondering about the FAQs resource I mentioned? 
Here you go: Using FAQs to Create Content and Attract Ideal Clients


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