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First, Best, or Different?

video Jan 11, 2022

Mike Verret

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How can we talk about our business in a way that makes people say, “Tell me more!”


Mike Verret is a marketing consultant for small businesses that want to grow.

Mike says: "I get what it’s like to start a business. In the beginning, you have this great idea. And then one day you wake up and realize that in making your dream a reality, it actually slipped through your fingers. It’s not just about your idea anymore. It’s about accounting, invoicing, marketing, sales, and all of the other things that make a business run. But by getting back to the core of why you started your business, you can unlock the Message that will bring customers your way."


My favorite takeaways:

  • Communication is about connection - that first hand shake.
  • What's the reason someone is interested in you? They need to see the problem you solve.
  • Stay on what you do best...... That's why you got started...




At the start of this week’s call, I offer my digital marketing tip of the week:

You probably already know that first impressions are key when it comes to growing your business. But beyond the first impression, you also need to stay top-of-mind with new contacts, especially as you’re first building your relationship with them.


So how do you make a strong first impression and stay top-of-mind in the crucial days after a contact first signs up for your email list? With an automated welcome email series.  Also called a nurture series. 


An email welcome series is an essential part of any email marketing strategy. The moment when a new contact signs up for your email list is so important because they are expressing that they want to hear from you. You don’t want to squander that moment — or your relationship with this new contact — by neglecting to reach out to them.


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