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The Essence of Genuine Communication :: Liz Solar

video May 01, 2020

Liz Solar
Liz Solar Voiceover
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We are technologically able to communicate with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

What we REALLY crave is GENUINE connection.

My Takeaways:

  • Engagement is going to be what separates you from the rest.
  • Real communication happens when there are transmission and receiver.
  • Asking people for more information shows that you're interested.

Our overly scheduled, plugged-in life provides so many distractions that we often don't really hear or see other people.

ACTIVE LISTENING is an art and skill critical to the health of our business and personal life. Once we really listen, we can meet people where they are, the basis of deep and lasting relationships.

Engagement is going to be what separates you from the rest, what distinguishes you from the rest. When people talk about when better days come when this is over, you'll be in an excellent position because people already want to engage with you.

The real communication comes when there are transmission and a receiver, and that there's some equilibrium to all of that. There's reciprocity and generosity to our communication.

It's essential to be a little bit self-reflective before we decide to impulsively publish or broadcast. A good way to follow up is to ask a question. "You know, that's interesting. Why do you say that?" "Ah, ha, I hadn't thought about that. Tell me some more about that."

Asking people for more information shows that you're interested. You're curious and it's a genuine curiosity that people when you ask, they want to talk about themselves. 

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Liz Solar is a voice actor, voice, and presentation coach. After 12 years in broadcasting, Liz became a full-time voice over talent, working with hundreds of local and global clients including Boston Ballet, Public Broadcasting, USAA, Aetna, and Acura. She has worked with cohorts of business professionals as a presentation coach, helping them find their voice, and present themselves authentically with confidence and grace. She's taught at Emerson College and provides voice coaching.

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