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Write Now, Right Now :: Rusti Lehay

video May 15, 2020

Rusti Lehay
Word Quest

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Rusti says, "If you've lived and breathed, you have a story." Companies and businesses have stories as well. How are you sharing yours?

My Top Takeaways:

  • Readers like to figure things out....leave some things for readers to figure out.
  • If you hire an editor, make sure she helps you tell your story in your own words. You and your editor are equal parts in the process.
  • There's always SOMEBODY waiting for you to tell your story.

My digital marketing tip of the week:

You can't be EVERYWHERE and do it all well.

Choose to spend your resources in the digital marketing areas that will bring results. Look for engagement, amplification, and new clients.

Wondering which platforms are right for your business?
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This week's interview is with the Fabulous Rusti Lehay.

Rusti says...."crafting words to serve your audience can be your super power." She is most happy to share how the right words at the right time lead to the right (desirable) results.

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