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Daily Habits - Your Business Growth Roadmap to Ease, Joy, and Flow :: Mahnaz Sharif

video Apr 22, 2022

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"If you want to be more Productive, You need to Become Master of your Minutes" - Crystal Paine

This is one of Mahnaz Sharif’s favorite quotes. Mahnaz believes that everything begins with our daily habits and routines.

It’s true: We can't buy or sell our minutes. We need to be fully aware of how we spend our time. We all need to align our daily habits with our goals.

Of course, our daily habits need to be sustainable or we will, for sure, leave them by the wayside. Consistency is the key. 

For sustainable growth, we need to build our business with strong foundations.  This way, our business will grow in alignment with our goals.  This brings us balance and freedom.   When you create sustainable growth, you are ‘future-proofing” your business.  You will be able to uphold your values and your desires and to maintain boundaries that support your own well-being.


MISTAKE #1: Overfilling our day.
Our to-do list is JUST TOO much.

MISTAKE #2: Setting unrealistic expectations.
Unrealistic expectations can suck our positive energy....affects our motivation and mindset.

MISTAKE # 3:  We overestimate the time it takes to complete a task. 
If we give ourselves too much time to do something, we overthink and procrastinate.

TIP #1 - Remove Distractions (phone, social media) - or in my case - put the puppy in his crate for a bit.

TIP #2 - Plan Your Day - have a clear focus on each task throughout the day so you don’t waste time ‘finding the next step’.

TIP #3 Start with the hardest task first.

If it feels too hard, how can you make it easier? Can you break the task into smaller tasks?

Our only true currency in this life is our time and our energy.  As we work at building our businesses, it’s of the utmost importance to practice efficiency and flow - to set up the systems that allow you to shine in your zone of genius, without sucking your precious time and energy.

Now - more than ever, our world needs our transformation creators to be successful in their ventures - to show up in service and make a real difference in our world..

Thanks for joining today.  I look forward to seeing you in our RAN Community and sharing the next RAN spotlight.



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