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360 POV - Performance Review for Solopreneurs :: Susan Salzman

video May 28, 2022

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 The Rise Above Noise Roadmap offers you 5 pillars to create a digital marketing strategy that allows you to show up - share your gifts - attract more clients....

With Ease and Flow.

There are so many ways for us to share our gifts these days.....sometimes we just need to be guided with the roadmap to get a biz off the ground

Susan Salzman wants you - the solopreneur - to have the ability to tap into your strengths and weaknesses for your personal and creative growth.

She's going to tell us about her signature 360˚ self-achieved performance review

It gives you the ability to:

~~ uncover positive "feedback" for your past performances

~~ highlight your potential for further growth and development

~~ be brutally honest by recognizing your failures in order to improve




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