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How to Be Magnetic While Networking Online

video Feb 05, 2021

Natalie Klun

Click the image for the full interview. 

Today’s episode begins with a musing on the topic of active listening and using curiosity when interacting with contacts, clients, and new connections.


When you listen to my conversation with Natalie Klun,  you will be able to tell right away why I simply had to ask Natalie on the show.  


Natalie points out that business is about relationships so being magnetic is about having a connection with those who you'd like to have as an ideal client. 

And the rest is consistently demonstrating that you are their go-to resource to help them solve a problem or accomplish a goal. 


There are 3 steps that will put relationships at the forefront of your online networking efforts.

Impression, Interaction, Influence.


You only have one shot to make a memorable first impression.  


The quickest way to be magnetic and gain more visibility while networking is through interaction. 

This is the most neglected step... yet it's the most important.

How often you show up for your network will directly impact how often they show up for you. 


You position yourself as the go-to expert by sharing your unique experiences, skills, & knowledge. 



The key is to consistently nurture your network by consistently providing value. This is what it means to be a true influencer. 

Although the way selling was done 20 years ago and the way it’s done today are very different, the foundation has stayed the same and that is relationships.

You can’t bypass relationships.

There's no tip, trick, tool, or technique that will override the human instinct for connection.

The key is to optimize your online networking tools to position yourself to always make a memorable impression while networking online. 

Make it a reciprocal relationship.  


Think about the story that you’re to get them to the destination.

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