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Master the Art of Finding the Right Referrals::Rachel Leone

video Jan 14, 2021


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Referrals are an important part of any successful business and shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Referrals don’t just happen (though that would be wonderful). 

You need to be creative, persistent, and implement a strategy to generate them. 


In today's conversation, Rachel and I cover the 4 tips to generate referrals:

.... Word of Mouth

.... Social Media

.... Karma

.... Follow Up.


The key is ALWAYS the follow-up.

I'll briefly cover the importance of having your digital platforms updated to make it very, very clear on:

~ who you serve

~ the problem you solve Get the Free Guide: How to Create Your "One-Liner" Statement  

~ what people say about you

~ how to engage with you.


It's incredibly important that you make it EASY for someone to refer you.  And - once someone lands on your info (info sheet, LinkedIn profile, 'About page" ) - does it accurately cover those areas listed above?


Do you have an easy way for someone to take a 'step closer' to you such as videos they can watch, a free download, a free discovery call link? 


Are you providing exceptional customer service, going above and beyond, and leaving your clients impressed?

If so it’s time to begin the referral process and see what happens!

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