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Gain Clarity With Intuition :: Cyndi Stewart, Ph.D.

video Jan 07, 2021

Click the image for the full interview.

 As my first guest of the new year, Cyndi Stewart, Ph.D. brought the energy and the hope.

My Takeaways:

  • Pay attention to your “energy bank”
  • As entrepreneurs, we benefit from using our intuition, our Akashic records (8th chakra) to inform our progress, remove blocks, propel us forward
  • Pay attention to the Art of the Question...What are you really asking?... What's behind the question?

Cyndi and I started our conversation in my digital marketing zone - where I reminded the Rise Above Noise community that as heart-centered entrepreneurs, they are doing the real work in this world....guiding their clients and audience toward tools, knowledge, strategies that will serve others - serve the world - in a bigger way.

The Rise Above Noise 5 pillar system allows the heart-centered, service-based professional to view marketing as an act of service.  Then, to focus energy on the 5 areas that will allow them to show up with consistency and generosity. 

Learn more about the Rise Above Noise 5-pillar model of digital marketing.



Then... Cyndi shares some of her incredible wealth of knowledge with us.  Honestly, I was so involved in listening to her, that I didn't end up taking enough notes.....You'll have to listen in to soak up the taste of wisdom she shared.


Here's what Cyndi had sent to me prior to our talk:

"We start our Spiritual journeys and seek a path to deeper meaning and wellbeing. Many times our intuitive connection gets deeper, yet our physical body or physiology is lagging behind. When you build the foundations of your physical body, you can support your overall life -soul growth. 

In the Akashic Records, you can gain clarity, more energy, raise your vibration, increase your spiritual connection, move past unresolved health issues, and understand your life-soul purpose direction."

We did turn the conversation toward how to use intuition and this 8th chakra to help us move forward - remove blocks - and feel in flow with the work we do. 

To learn more about Cyndi visit Root Cause Health Solutions.
Cyndi offers a complimentary consultation to learn about what is going on for you, share her approach, and see if it's a fit for you.


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