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5 Distinctions That Drive Profits:: Brittany Drozd

video Nov 12, 2020

5 Distinctions That Drive Profits
Brittany Drozd

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First off, Susan offers her thoughts and some tips on list-growth strategy using a ‘freebie”, a sign-up form, and a simple welcome email.

Here’s a link to download a worksheet on creating your lead generator.  


Then, we get to experience the wisdom of Brittany Drozd talking about the 5 Distinctions That Drive Profits.


Here are the 5 considerations that Brittany tells us will help us achieve our next level of success as a solopreneur or small business owner: 

  1. Serving vs. Selling
  2. Consumption vs. Creation 
  3. Saying Yes vs No
  4. Probability vs. Possibility
  5. Questions vs. Answers


Here are some of my favorite comments from today’s chat:


  • Always keep in mind that the work you do is an Act of Service.  Don’t start with WHAT you do.  Start with WHY you do it. Move on to the HOW. Before you talk about the WHAT.  When you stay “in service” to your WHY, it feels good.
  • Consider making "NO" your overall strategy at this point. It's time to PROTECT your time. Choose how you spend your time.
  • How people view your availability - the more you put a limiter on your can increase your demand.
  • Schedule your time..... content calendar. Do the MOST important work FIRST. Schedule your time to CREATE...not consume.

  • We need to stop consuming other people's content and start creating our own. Don't look for others' answers..... Dial it back to ask the right questions -  not search for answers.  Probability vs Possibility....... LIVE in the REALM of POSSIBLE. Aim your trajectory for that direction. Structure that journey.


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