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Balance for Entrepreneurs :: Christos Angelidakis

Season #1

Welcome to this episode of the Rise Above Noise Spotlight Series.

In each episode, I have the honor of shining a spotlight on somebody in the Rise Above Noise community who is making a real difference and helping others with their business growth.

I know how transformation creators (light workers, coaches, consultants) often feel OVERWHELMED and HELPLESS when trying to do ALL the things to grow their business.

That’s why I offer structure in a personalized roadmap for you to show up - that’s marketing - to feel empowered so you show up with ease and flow and attract your aligned clients.

Our Rise Above Noise community is revolutionizing how service professionals show up - in their marketing - to make a real difference in the world.

Christos Angelidakis' superpower is meeting people where they are - and giving them the tools they need to stay on top of their business by putting themselves first.  He does this by using a combination of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Tools.


In today’s spotlight, we talk about 

  • The importance of putting ourselves first
  • How to play the long game in business
  • How to work less and produce more


I know you will pick up some great takeaways from today’s conversation.



My Favorite Bits and Pieces:

~~ As entrepreneurs we really don't need more information - we need more IMPLEMENTATION

~~ Of utmost importance is creating a strong foundation in our habits and every day actions.... We are the most important asset in our business.

~~ Your calendar is your best tool! Plan your time.  Protect your time.

~~ BE PATIENT: Take time to reflect -  Everything in nature takes time. You're not a roaring fire - be the slow-burning ember - more sustainable


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