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Active Listening for Deeper Connection to Your Clients :: Joanne O'Neil

Season #1

In the Rise Above Noise Signature Roadmap, the first pillar is to get a real handle on who your ideal client truly is:

What are her concerns? 
What is she trying to accomplish? 
What are the deeper issues that are holding her back that she doesn't even know about yet.
How are YOU uniquely positioned to support this person?

Active listening is the foundation of effective communication.

As a service-based business owner,  Active Listening means being totally focused on the words that the customer/client is saying, understanding what those words mean and responding in a manner that validates what they're saying.

Join the discussion with Joanne O'Neil, Holistic Psychotherapist as we explore how to be an effective listener to help you grow your business.

My favorite takeaways:

~~ Active listening is being fully judgment -no interjecting comments . ..learn how to be quiet - let the person speak. Most people really want to tell a story - sit in that space and listen. 

~~ Non-judgment is an ART form

~~ Active listening is an act of Kindness and Compassion

~~ Take note of direct quotes - useful for future insights.

~~ We gain the power to offer suggestions - offer a different perspective.


The Rise Above Noise community is filled with business owners and support providers of every kind.  When you are searching for just the right person to help you scale, you are sure to find that person in our community.  

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