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Stress Rescue - From Overwhelm to Resilient :: Shawna Pelton

Season #1

"We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are." - Anais Nin

 This was a quote shared this week by Shawna Pelton, owner of Quantum SHIFT. In today's spotlight, Shawna shares the simple proven process to immediately change the way we respond to stress and avoid burnout. Conscious leaders know that to really make the impact you're here for, you must be willing to see and correct the blind spots that are stopping your progression. Make your commitment to showing up - with ease and joy. If you're a purpose-driven high achiever with aspirations for success in business but are on the fast track to burnout, you're not going to reach great heights without risking the loss of health, happiness, and harmony in your life.    TODAY'S TAKEAWAYS: Energy synchronization is a physiological experience and it comes from the place within you that your power, but it is a Nervous System state. Shawna works with her ability to create coherence first and foremost within herself to be able to then help others. Stress has purpose - helps us grow. Keeps us strong. BUT - there needs to be a balance. Some folks may have more resilience. We need stress in our life to grow....(think muscle development). Trying to REPAIR from burnout is so much harder (wasteful) than being proactive. BLINDSPOTS: It's not about what we are experiencing. It's about our perception of what we are experiencing. Leaders won't overreact to other people's opinions - Leaders don't take things personally. Dear friend, how will you claim your sovereignty at this point in your life? Who can you lean on to support you on your journey?  Schedule your free call with Susan and with Shawna, to begin with that first step today. --------------------------------- OTHER RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO:   RISE ABOVE NOISE  

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