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Make Every Contact Count :: Bethany George

Season #1

Rise Above Noise - it’s the name of my business because it’s my mission. It’s time that we understand that marketing is, truly, an act of service.  

When you do marketing.  You reach people.

Service-based professionals lean on me to guide them to create their own system for showing up in a way that feels generous and in service so that they show up with consistency so those who are already looking for you can find you.  Your business grows with flow and ease.  

We can often think of marketing as relationship building. So, even networking - meeting people one-to-one can be considered marketing. 

So - when you do meet someone - it’s important to Be INTENTIONAL. How will you build trust and relationships? How will you simplify so networking follow-up doesn't become overwhelming?

We know follow-up is where the fortune is, but what if we realized that follow-up begins at introductions. And the key to making it successful isn't about fancy scripts or the right timing. It is about being relatable as a fellow human being and staying present to your contacts. 

Well, today, I’m talking with Bethany George.  Around these parts, she’s known as the Follow Up Boss.

Bethany is a whiz at helping you make the most of the new relationships you create.  She is on a mission to help us feel that Sales can come naturally. 

With a strategy, follow up will revolutionize your business so that you can Grow a business without burning bridges.



~~ No matter what your business is, you’ve got to realize that- your business is built around PEOPLE. They need to know that you see and hear them as a person - not as a commodity.  Stop thinking of relationships as transactional and begin to think of them as personal.

~~ It’s important to interact beyond the sales process.  Bethany suggests using:




              ~~ SERVE - How can you support the new connection?  Offer introductions, offer valuable resources,  give value,  build knowledge and credibility.

             ~~ INVITE: This may be multi-tiered - be delicate at first. I.E. - come to a networking thing with me, check out x.

             ~~ ENGAGE: This can be purely conversational! The POWER of conversation. i.e. How was your son's game?


A good CRM (contact relationship Management System)

  • is meant to contain and track info around contacts. HAS to be used regularly. Holds the relationship in one place.
  • Must integrate with your emails
  • Needs customizable fields
  • Must allow for task creation and reminders


Bethany uses PipeDrive -

Susan uses HoneyBook - 



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