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Know Your Worth :: Isis Latham

Season #1

The Rise Above Noise 5-pillar marketing roadmap is a helpful guide for entrepreneurs when they are putting together their digital marketing roadmap.  It begins with having clarity on your own values, your mission, your non-negotiables, and how those align with your ideal client.

When we set off on our business growth journey, we are called to do this thing we call ‘networking’. We network and network and network.  But… what end?  How do we SHOW UP in our most authentic, worthy selves and clearly communicate our “Why?”

Isis Latham knows a thing or two (or 100) about networking.  She is the founder of Evolution Business Development which is a community built on the concept of sharing equally from a platform where you can simultaneously be a teacher and a student.  

In today’s conversation, Isis and I talk about Energy and your sense of Worth. 

My favorite takeaways:

  • What are the "Laws" of earning power? It begins when you understand that Money is a way to create value for ENERGY.
  • Take a step back - evaluate WHO are you doing the 'things' for? Where are you expending energy?
  • You have the option -Spend your time with people who raise your ENERGY.
  • Know your worth - Sometimes it means recognizing that you may need to change your perception of self, as well as the actions you take (or don’t take). Realize that You can be the hero in your own story.
  • Attitude without action becomes a lie. We need to take action in order to create the shift we desire. 



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