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Storytelling Has The Power To Attract More Business :: Ed McDonough

Season #1


It's your BEST tool for attracting and converting clients.

"Case Studies and Storytelling" tick off 4 of the 5 Rise Above Noise pillars:

~ You are speaking to your ideal client

~ You are creating compelling content

~ You are providing proof of concept

~ You are keeping in touch.


How Do Success Stories Engage Your Audience?

Unlike testimonials (which are fantastic marketing tools), Case Studies do three things:

✓ They shape the reader's perception by illustrating how your company helps clients solve a problem or achieve their goal.

✓ They allow the reader to see themselves getting the same results.

✓ They add third-party validation (social proof) to back-up your marketing claims.

In today's spotlight, Ed shows us how to combine storytelling with a time-honored formula to create case studies (stories) that engage your audience, generate new leads, and close more deals.


~ A well-written case study will clearly show how YOU solved a problem for someone just like the reader.  Allow the reader to see themselves getting the same results.

~ Your case study is evergreen and can be used in a bunch of different, effective, ways.

~ Consider a 5-part sequence delivered over a 16-day time period

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