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Successfully Scale Your Small Business Without Losing Your Mind :: Dani Whitestone

Season #1

What systems can we create for ourselves that give ourselves the autonomy - the time - the boundaries so that we can be in control of our 'things'.

We can continue to grow and serve clients, while also, putting our own lives in priority?

This week’s guest, Dani Whitestone, wants you to know - when you are ready to push your business forward. To do the things that will help you scale - you can totally do that without losing your mind.

She’s going to help us learn the signs and symptoms telling you it's time to scale, learn what should be in your toolkit to successfully scale, learn how to keep yourself balanced and healthy in the process!


~ Recognize the signs that your business may be ready to scale

- Are you missing opportunities? Forgetting to get back to people? Skipping tasks that you know are important to your clients' satisfaction with you?

~ SCALE is different than GROWTH. Scaling is putting in the SYSTEMS and business processes that will get you to the next level.

~ Make sure you PAUSE - Take time to work ON your business vs. IN your business

~ Time to hire help? BE strategic. Good communications are key!

~ Systems....Systems.....Systems ~ Boundaries. Boundaries. Boundaries.


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