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Your Visual Marketing Strategy :: Laura Sorenson

Season #1

Let’s talk about planting seeds.

It’s spring - well, almost…. 

That means….it’s time for me to spend more time outdoors. 

This is the time of year when I, personally, get super focused on my essential business activities and let the other time commitments fade away.  It’s the time of the year when I can focus on the activities I’ve been doing that connect me with transformation creators and their communities- where have planted the seeds that will need some nurturing in the current months when my mind and time move to the outdoors.  

How can I be focused on serving clients meaningfully and fully?

Being super focused on list growth strategy all throughout the year is one of the best ways to continue to serve and nurture our audience…..our community.  By offering weekly nuggets of wisdom and insight, our readers feel cared for - they know that we’ll be here when they’re ready to address the challenge we help them solve. 

My weekly commitment to content through winter and early spring is the Rise Above Noise Weekly Spotlight.  As I mention in today’s video, it gives me so much joy to get to spend time with some of the smart and insightful people in the Rise Above Noise community, while, of course, sharing their wisdom with the rest of the community. 

My guest this week is Laura Sorenson, Design Doctor + Multimedia Design Developer, who works with indie consultants and marketing teams to galvanize their brand identity and weaponize their visual marketing strategy. Her clients get to articulate their value, stand out from the competition, and continually discover cool, intuitive ways to make more money and change more lives.


Your Visual Marketing Strategy should focus on two things:

1: How do you want to come across?  What lights you up?

2: Do you understand the challenges your audience faces? 

When you are in alignment with these two areas, you can show up more clearly for those you can serve.

In the Rise Above Noise system, email marketing is rarely a sales situation (unless you are doing a sales series for an upcoming product or event) In Rise Above Noise - every email is an opportunity to show up in service by giving, generously giving, hints, tips, resources, and wisdom that will help your client solve their challenge.  

With clarity on your messaging and your visual branding, every time someone sees your colors, your logo, your face, your words - you are reminding them that you understand their challenge and will be the person to guide them to success when they’re ready.

When you show up - with clarity and purpose, you are bound to get found by those who understand they’re ready to be guided with the solution you can provide.


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