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Increase Your Marketing Energy :: Scott Aksamit

Season #1

Marketing can feel generous and aligned with the service you provide. Find your joy in sharing to grow your business quickly.


Welcome to this week's Rise Above Noise Spotlight.

 Today our focus is on increasing our marketing energy.

What?  Marketing energy?  What's that, Susan?

 Well, you may have had that energetic reaction when thinking about 'marketing' your business.  A bit of a pull, a drag....

In today's episode, Scott Aksamit and I explore various ways that we, as business owners, can make a commitment to a digital marketing practice that not only attract aligned clients, but also fills us with a sense of joy and purpose so that we will continue the momentum of showing up - over and over and over again - for those who need our products or services.   


Scott tells us: "Marketing stress keeps people from growing their biz.  Remove that roadblock so you can grow fast"


Best Takeaways:

~~ Use FAQs to answer the questions, address the challenges, that your ideal client has. 

~~ Get yourself to the right place emotionally and follow inspiration. 

That's the way your business can actually grow. Now, that's the first step. As you get better at that, then you learn how to systemize it. And that's where your business can scale and grow. And you can actually get more freedom from it, but it's got to start somewhere.

~~  If we're talking about increasing our marketing energy, we want to create something that's sustainable. That gives us joy 



~ Using FAQs to attract, engage, and enlighten your ideal clients

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Scott Aksamit: 

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