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Be Magnetic to Your Clients :: Heather Maguire

Season #1

Who do you serve?

Identifying your ideal clients can be a challenge. It's scary to narrow your focus, but then again, you cannot possibly serve everyone. In this conversation,

Heather Maguire, Intuitive Medium and Energy Coach, and I talk about how you can define and refine your ideal client avatar. Enjoy the envisioning exercise she shares that you can end up using at any stage of your business to gain clarity and become magnetic to your dream clients. Listen to 'the feels" - If it doesn't "feel" right, even if it checks off all the "shoulds" - Respect your intuition.

At the end of the day, it needs to feel aligned with you. It needs to feel like something you really care about. Then it has all of that positive energy. It has all of that uniqueness to it. -



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