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3 Secrets to Getting Great Clients by Being You :: Christina Frei

Season #1

If you are spreading a message of positivity - if you’re healing people -


People are discouraged

Show up - show what’s possible.

You change the world Use your knowledge to inspire people

Challenge yourself to go to the next level with joy.

When you "DO" marketing. You reach people.

Your marketing can be simple. It comes from focusing on one core strategy It’s true that you need to do a few marketing basics:

~ networking
~ a Facebook business page
~ a website
~ an email list

But you also need a driving force for generating clients. A marketing engine. A way to show up consistently that sets you apart from other similar professionals.
This is your core strategy you commit to every day and one that shows you at your best. This is a way to be with other humans that brings you to life and demonstrates your expertise. It’s a healthy growth opportunity for you, where you show up as a leader who makes a difference. It’s also a matter of honoring you and your time constraints.
And it gets you great clients.

Christina says "Give yourself a shot at mastering the marketing tact you're going to do - and make sure you choose a strategy that shows you at your best in your community"

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