More's what your business needs.

Isn't it time to stop the push?

How will it feel when you have a process you can trust?
 that aligns with your core values and allows you to show up so you can get more clients, help more people, and  - yup - make more money.

Join Susan Finn, digital marketing strategist, and the Rise Together Community in following the Rise Above Noise© signature process to guide you through the incremental, aligned steps that will attract, nurture, and convert your ideal clients.

The Mission:
Grow your business with ease, flow, and - yes, joy -
within a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.  

  • Create a rhythm and voice for your marketing.
  • Protect your time and energy by being strategic with your actions.
  • Have confidence that your consistency will lead to sustained growth. 
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Create a system that works to bring you the clients you deserve.

Here's how it all happens:

:: Mastermind sessions

:: Marketing strategies 

:: "Hot Seat" coaching 

:: Extensive resource vault

:: Access to industry experts

:: Accountability partners

:: Implementation sessions

:: Private strategy sessions 

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Program participants share their experience:

"I loved your patience, attentiveness, and willingness to explore options with me. 

You were generous with your time, knowledge, and recommendations.

You made me feel comfortable and at ease with a topic that had caused me great stress (technology)!"

Joan Eaton
Joan Eaton Intuitive Guidance

"Susan is a fountain of digital marketing knowledge who understands the challenges of someone first stepping foot into the world of establishing their brand online. Her program was just the foundation I needed and filled me with confidence as a solopreneur. I recommend her to anyone that is looking for a compassionate and knowledgeable person to guide them and show them the way."

Rachel Pintarelli
Rock Your Brand 

"Susan Finn, with her kind and friendly manner will teach you how to navigate intuitively, in a way that is natural for you through this thing called digital marketing. With her vast experience and knowledge, she will help you organize, implement, and follow up with a system that works for your success."

Dr. Cathy Ripley Greene
Psychic Medium

"When you're an entrepreneur, starting your venture, you're trying desperately to scale up your little business. Nobody offers you nurturing. Right? And so what Susan does is to deeply listen to you and what you're trying to do. She asks incredibly insightful questions and then matches you to a solution. Then, you can move forward with confidence and ease."

Liana Cassar, Care Economy Strategy Consultant



"The weekly coaching was really just breaking down all the different things that are out there and how they don't have to be so overwhelming and to take what you need. That way, you can easily use them and go to the next step. And if you're stuck, Susan offers you the resource of how to get through it or to connect you with who is the professional within that space. So much information. Just great use of time and a beautiful space to hold. Business connections with education and heart."

Lisa Dahl
Lisa Dahl Wellness

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"It can feel very lonely when you're trying to build a business and figure it out. And aside from the whole component of the group instruction learning, which was great, that accountability...because if you're a solopreneur, that accountability piece is really, really important. So I just loved that part."

Rachel Pintarelli

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