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Show Up - With Consistency and Value

Email Marketing for the Win

These days, email marketing is STILL the cornerstone of successful business communication. 

Did you know that email marketing measures 3 X higher conversion rates than social media? 

It's true. Email has an ability that many of the other channels just don’t. It allows you to create valuable, personal touches - at scale!

When someone hits the ‚Äúsubscribe‚ÄĚ button that means they want to know more about how you are solving a challenge or a problem or a need they have. How can you introduce yourself, meet them where they are, share about your products and services that will serve them, and tell them more about your business?

How can you set expectations and identify ways for them to dig a little deeper into your content?

 We all know, the inbox is a crowded place, with countless promotional emails vying for attention. The key is to stand out and make a meaningful connection with your audience, personalization, consistency, and offering value.

Here's Where I Can Help You Be a Better Email Marketer.

Find ease and flow while serving your readership. Attract, nurture, and convert your ideal clients. 

Choose one of the email marketing support packages below. 

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Get Started with Email Marketing

What we will get done:

~  Set up contacts lists
~  Create a branded email template
~  Create a sign-up form
~  Create a "Welcome" email
~  Create the first 'newsletter' to get the momentum going
~  Track analytics


What's Included: 

  • 90-minute coworking session via Zoom to get us going.
  • Recorded "How-To" Tutorial
  • 30-minute follow-up session to review any questions and tighten up strategies.¬†

Get started here


List Growth NOW

This list growth program will start to nurture your ideal clients, bringing them closer to you and your value by providing awareness and education

What's Included: 

  • Your Lead Magnet

    A deep-dive brainstorming session will outline your perfect lead magnet to attract and engage your ideal client. 
    Another working session will result in your resource deliverable.

  • Your Landing Page:

    Design and implement a sign-up/sales page on your website or on your email service provider that automatically adds to your email subscriber list.

  • Your Automated Welcome Email(s):

    (1-5-part email welcome nurture sequence)

    Together, we will create the content of these important communications and set up the list segmentation and triggers for their delivery. 

Get Started NOW.


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Email Newsletters

Newsletter creation based on your blogs, trusted resources, upcoming events, and announcements. 

Subscriber list maintenance and list segmentation.

30-60 minutes per month consultation included to review insights and strategies for the upcoming weeks. 

This pricing assumes a minimum 3-month commitment.


Monthly: $275/month

BiWeekly: $425/month

Weekly: $750/month


Schedule a call with me to discuss your needs.


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Email Welcome Nurture Sequences

Let's check this off your list.
Here's what you can expect:

~ Together, you and I will create a personalized strategy for your list growth success along with how to create consistent, generous content to continue to nurture and convert subscribers. 
~  Set up list segmentation.
~  Branded email template.

~  Sign-up form/landing page.
~  A "Welcome" email.
~  3-5 subsequent emails in the welcome series.

Copywriting may be included based upon the client's input.

Optional add-on: Storybranded© landing page (sign-up page built for ideal client attraction and conversions)

Nurture Sequence Implementation Package 
Starting at $1400

 Schedule a call with me to discuss your goals and roadmap.


Special Offers

Free Constant Contact
Set-Up Services and Strategy Session


When you use my link to access the 60-day free trial and 30% off first 3 months offer


  • A¬†free personalized account set-up session with a Constant Contact service professional.

  • ¬†30% off the first 3-months of¬†your paid subscription

  • A¬†free 30-minute strategy consultation with me.¬†(schedule here)




Client Flow Management Platform 

50% off 1st Year

When you use my affiliate link.

Your client will receive:

  • Free onboarding from¬†a HoneyBook professional

  • Free migration of existing templates and contracts.

"I started working with Susan because the actual backend of making my email sequence actually work was super confusing for me. 

When the task felt so big and so beyond my control, I decided to bring Susan in, because she's an absolute delight and an expert. She was able to give me so much clarity to create the email sequence and put everything in order so that we could make that happen and get my message out to my clients, which is ultimately what I needed to do. I just didn't know how to go about it.  

Creating this email sequence was essential for me. It's a great tool to have on board so I don't have to do all that extra legwork. This automatically just goes out to my email list when someone subscribes and takes the quiz and now they know a little bit more about us, our business, and what it is that we're passionate about."

Alysha St. Germain Heidke
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