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Email: Direct, Targeted, Reliable

By now, you know that growing your own engaged email subscriber list is a top priority for your service-based business.

That's because it provides you with a direct, targeted, and reliable way to communicate with your audience.

You get to build trust, drive sales, and maintain control over your marketing efforts.

This is how you gain new clients and customers.

This is how your business grows.

1: Direct Communication
Having an engaged email list means you have a direct line of...

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The Elephant In The Room : Is Email Even Worth Doing?

Well, you know that I live in this world of email marketing.

I am always learning more,

teaching more,

and trying new techniques and strategies.


My clients lean on me to understand the subtleties that help make email marketing work better for them:

  • content
  • list growth
  • automations
  • design
  • segmenting
  • personalizing
  • subject lines


But, alas - it is way too often that I hear business owners say that they don't think email works.

They are still wondering whether or not email is...

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