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Upcoming Growth Opportunities

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Summer 2022 Live Series


Join me any Thursday (or all) to learn how you can take the small, aligned steps in your business that will attract, nurture, and engage your ideal clients. 
With a focus on consistency and generosity, you get to show up for those you are meant to serve.

These free sessions will be 20-30 minutes via Zoom. There will be time for Q and A.  


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Ask Me Anything

Get your digital marketing and client attraction questions answered on Rise Above Noise.
Tune in on Wednesdays at 11 AM ET. 

More's what your business needs.
Isn't it time to stop the push?
Create a system that works to bring you the clients you deserve. 
I can show you how.

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More's what your business needs.
Isn't it time to stop the push and attract with ease and flow?

The Rise Together Community has the support you need to grow. 

How will it feel when you have a process you can trust?
One that aligns with your core values and allows you to show up so you can get more clients, help more people, and  - yup - make more money.

This fall, join Susan Finn, digital marketing strategist, and the Rise Together Community in following the Rise Above Noise© signature process to guide you through the incremental, aligned steps that will attract, nurture, and convert your ideal clients.

The Mission:
Grow your business with ease, flow, and - yes, joy -
within a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.  



Take Action: Create Your Email Welcome Series NOW
4-Hour VIP Workshop

October 10    12 PM - 4 PM ET
November 2    12 PM - 4 PM


Begin today to grow, nurture, and convert your contact list

Ready to implement those 'things' you've been putting off?
Grab the "Take Action" course to start creating your automated email welcome series now - then, join me in a half-day workshop to implement all the things.
You'll create your sign up forms, email templates, email copy, and you will get it all set up on your email service provider.
I will hold your hand and guide you through any of your sticky points. Yup - including the tech.

🎯 For best results, sign up now to get your pre-workshop homework done. 



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Lisa Dahl
Intuitive Eating & Body Image Health Coach

"Susan is the "go-to" expert in the email marketing field. She is warm, compassionate, patient, and amazing to work with. Whether you work with her on one-on or participate in one of her many workshops you will leave with what you need. She is approachable and one of the best professionals you can have to support you! "

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Joan Eaton
Intuitive Guide

"I loved your patience, attentiveness, and willingness to explore options with me. 

You were generous with your time, knowledge, and recommendations.

You made me feel comfortable and at ease with a topic that had caused me great stress (technology)!"

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Dr. Cathy Ripley Greene
Psychic Medium


"Susan Finn, with her kind and friendly manner will teach you how to navigate intuitively, in a way that is natural for you through this thing called digital marketing. With her vast experience and knowledge, she will help you organize, implement, and follow up with a system that works for your success. Be in touch with her for an exploratory call - it's free AND, you will come away with some tricks of the trade to help you along your path."

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Ilhiana R.

"Susan opened my mind to new ways to connect with my clients and potential new clients."

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Roz L.

"Susan offers a step by step process. Pick one type of communication to do and be consistent with it."

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Jennifer G.

"Susan is...Calm, Confident, Approachable, Knowledgeable,  Supportive, Patient"

Dealing with a million moving parts?

We get it.
It's frustrating to feel like you're spending your time on all the "stuff" without gaining traction.
Let's put those pieces in order and get results!

From Piecemeal to Profit is a Six-Month Accelerator for Service-Based Business Owners

Nail Your Story and Growth Mindset
Create and Manage Your Process and Financials
Generate Leads and Nurture Prospects
Weekly sessions will be held Tuesdays beginning October 13, 2020 
Get all the details:
Early pricing registration begins 9/30
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Create Your Welcome Email Series:
Attract and Delight New Subscribers.

In this workshop series, you will create your: 

  • Lead Generator

  • Clear Messaging Plan

  • Sign Up Form

  • 5-Part Automated Welcome Sequence 

You can finally get it done! 

Three 90-minute group working sessions 
1 private copywriting session

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