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Let's Make This Worth Your Time.

Here's what you can expect to learn in this 90-minute masterclass:

👉🏼 Spend less time each week making authentic connections.

👉🏼 Feel better about using email marketing for business growth.

👉🏼 Attract more aligned subscribers that want what you have to offer!

Email Is Fast And Effective

Welcome emails are incredibly effective: on average, 320% more revenue is attributed to them on a per email basis than other promotional emails.

If your best leads come from referrals, then why are you doing your marketing hoping random people fall from the sky?
You won't want to miss this! Join me on Thursday 2/25 at 10 AM with powerhouse, Shaily Hakimian, the Social Media Sherpa.
Shaily packs more info into 10 minutes of conversation than most folks pack into a 2-hour webinar.
Let's talk about using your digital marketing platforms to be unforgettable and highly referable to your network.

Dealing with a million moving parts?

We get it.
It's frustrating to feel like you're spending your time on all the "stuff" without gaining traction.
Let's put those pieces in order and get results!

From Piecemeal to Profit is a Six-Month Accelerator for Service-Based Business Owners

Nail Your Story and Growth Mindset
Create and Manage Your Process and Financials
Generate Leads and Nurture Prospects
Weekly sessions will be held Tuesdays beginning October 13, 2020 
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Early pricing registration begins 9/30
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Digital Marketing as an Act of Service


Something magical happens when you finally realize you can show up honestly, truly, fully as yourself. You find that you begin attracting those you were looking for, and seeking you as well.

If you made the decision to show up on your own terms, not only could you do what you love full time and make money doing it, you would be actively impacting the future of our world.The Rise Above Noise process guides entrepreneur through 5 steps to show up on their own terms. The process protects the entrepreneur from chaos and confusion while offering them the road map to save time and attract ideal clients.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Create content that answers the questions people are asking about their product or service which will establish themselves as a thought leader in their area.
  2. Utilize their content in a number of unique ways to further amplify their message and grow an engaged audience.
  3. Learn processes to save time while they are creating content with consistency.
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Ilhiana R.

"Susan opened my mind to new ways to connect with my clients and potential new clients."

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Roz L.

"Susan offers a step by step process. Pick one type of communication to do and be consistent with it."

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Jennifer G.

"Susan is...Calm, Confident, Approachable, Knowledgeable,  Supportive, Patient"

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Weekly Awesome

Most Thursdays, I have the honor of joining in conversation with an amazing, inspirational, smart, enthusiastic heart-centered entrepreneur.

Jim Rohn says, “The people you spend time with shape who you are. They determine what conversations dominate your attention”

We learn from watching those around us.  If that’s the case, then you might as well surround yourself with excellence. Find the people who elevate you. Choose the events that inspire you. Embrace the habits that improve you. Ever notice how hanging out with a positive, upbeat person can lift your mood? I did.

And that’s exactly why I started the “Rise Above Noise” Interview series. This is a unique opportunity for me to learn more about so many interesting topics. And….even better….I get to share them with you.

Join the Zoom Call on Thursdays at 10 AM

Create Your Welcome Email Series:
Attract and Delight New Subscribers.

In this workshop series, you will create your: 

  • Lead Generator

  • Clear Messaging Plan

  • Sign Up Form

  • 5-Part Automated Welcome Sequence 

You can finally get it done! 

Three 90-minute group working sessions 
1 private copywriting session

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