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Your step-by-step supported journey to grow your business to its next level.

Attract clients.    Save time.     Avoid frustration.     Reduce costs. 
Here, in a compassionate and supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs!

Take the step-by-step actions to show up with consistency, generosity, and ease in your marketing. This is a simple, calm, and strategic journey to attract, nurture, and engage your ideal clients and scale your business. 

Rise Together Circle
6 Month Cycle

2 Payment Options

2 Payments



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Check out all the benefits of your Rise Together Circle

Get off to a great start with your membership by meeting with me via Zoom. I'll give you a tour of the Rise Together Membership Platform.

We will review your current digital marketing platforms and to get you set up with your first goals.

Time: 30 Minutes 

  • Masterclass sessions will build upon your business skills to continually bring you to your next level -
    Topics include marketing, KPIs, time-saving systems, workflow,  mindset, financial growth, and many more.
  • Bring your digital marketing questions to our Live Q & A sessions.
  • "Focus Seat" opportunities allow our members to receive deep-dive coaching while others learn from each other's strategies. 
  • Join the Rise Together implementation co-working sessions to simply get - stuff - done.
  • Our business community will connect you with like-minded entrepreneurs and support for your business.

When you implement the Rise Above Noise Accountability Process, you'll simply implement more each day with intention and momentum.

  • Connect with someone in our group who will firmly but kindly keep you focused and accountable.

  • Weekly prompts will help you both stay totally focused.

  • No more procrastination.

  • These are facilitated blocks of uninterrupted time to implement as a community.
  • Schedule your "Deep Work".
  • Get so much more done than by yourself. 
  • We create a space with zero distractions so that you can work on getting 'it' done!
  • Mini-courses
  • Webinars
  • Templates
  • Meeting recordings

This is a repository for your reference as you continue to grow and move forward. It's an opportunity to revisit key areas of growth and development on-demand.

"Susan Finn, with her kind and friendly manner, will teach you how to navigate intuitively, in a way that is natural for you through this thing called digital marketing. With her vast experience and knowledge, she will help you organize, implement, and follow up with a system that works for your success."

Dr. Cathy Ripley Greene
Spiritual Medium

"I loved your patience, attentiveness, and willingness to explore options with me. You were generous with your time, knowledge, and recommendations. You made me feel comfortable and at ease with a topic that had caused me great stress (technology)!"

Joan Eaton
Intuitive Guide

"Susan Finn is my #1 go-to resource for all things digital marketing. Not only do I consult with her for my own business needs but I recommend her to everyone in my tribe who is seeking clarity and support around the digital world. She is genuine, knowledgeable and collaborative in her approach to working with her clients. She makes the most challenging tasks more manageable and helps you keep your calm. Susan is a true CONNECTOR committed to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs grow their businesses."

Jennifer Gulbrand
Ownder, SheBreathes Balance & Wellness

"Susan is the "go-to" expert in the email marketing field. She is warm, compassionate, patient, and amazing to work with. Whether you work with her on one-on or participate in one of her many workshops you will leave with what you need. She is approachable and one of the best professionals you can have to support you! "

Lisa Dahl
Body Image Health Consultant

"I appreciated the time that you took to understand my business and me, your understanding of my questions, and your flexibility in the way you work. I felt that it was fresh. You helped me to avoid the overwhelm! I've simplified my marketing and so I don't feel as overwhelmed as I was plus I feel supported and not so alone."

Kathy Leader
Owner, The Art-Process

"We can just bounce ideas off of each other and you can get a variety of perspectives. I never just want one person’s perspective. I always want a few and then I want to pick out of it what intuitively feels like the right choice for me. There is no judgment. People accept the way you show up. If you show up like, “Yay. I had 20 wins since I saw you last” – No one thinks you’re bragging. But, you can also say “I stink at what I do. Why am I doing this?” – Everyone will tell you to go put your big-girl panties on and we’re going to get through it. "

Beth Knaus
That's a Spade Copywriting

Liana Cassar, Care Economy Strategy & Operations Consultant, shares her takeaway on the Rise Together experience:



Take Your Business to The Next Level

6-Month Rise Together Circle

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Save $50

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2 Payments



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"It doesn't have to be overwhelming"

Lisa Dahl, Intuitive Eating Coach, shares her experience.


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