$27.00 USD

How to Segment Your List to Get Better Results from Your Emails

With this 45-minute presentation and the accompanying resource guide, you will get dozens of tips and actions to help you segment your list to send more relevant information to your subscribers.

 You and I both know that these days, the online space can feel really, really noisy. Cultivating an engaged email subscriber list is more important than ever to be able to control your messaging and who it's delivered to.

Segmentation is the first step toward sending that targeted, relevant content that gets results for your business. Whether you’re not sure how to segment your list or you just want to learn more, this resource is for you.

This package includes:

  • 45-minute webinar
  • 20-page resource book


You’'ll learn:

~~ Basic strategies to segment your email list

~~ Save time by getting your subscribers to self-segment

~~ How to use existing data & tools to send relevant information I encourage you to give some of these tips a go right away!

 Let me know how it goes!

What People Are Saying:

Susan was able to give me so much clarity to create the email sequence and put everything in order so that we could make that happen and get my message out to my clients, which is ultimately what I needed to do. I just didn't know how to go about it. Creating this email sequence was essential for me. It's a great tool to have on board so I don't have to do all that extra legwork. This automatically just goes out to my email list when someone subscribes and takes the quiz and now they know a little bit more about us, our business, and what it is that we're passionate about.

Alysha St. Germain Heidke, Hello Pearl Interiors

Susan’s knowledge of online marketing is amazing. More importantly, she helps you figure out what will be most beneficial for your business. I love the blend of her calm presence and analytical mind. If you are looking to stand out online she can help!

JoAnn Krall, The Sensible Organizer